Final Abstracts

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Oral Abstracts are listed by session and sorted by day, room, then time. Note that similar sessions are grouped together in one file.

Tuesday, October 28th

Plenary Session

Delta Smelt and Native Fish Ecology

Food Webs I & II

Managing through Drought

Making the Most of Technology

Panels: Climate Science & Policy, and Funding the Delta’s Fiscal Orphans

Connecting Models

Wednesday, October 29th

Ecohydraulic Applications in Fish and Water Management


Panel: Science and Media

Nutrients in the Bay-Delta

Implementing the Delta Science Plan

The AFRI Rice Project

Progress in Floodplain Ecology

Suisun March and the Arc

Design and Management of Resilient Landscapes

Connecting Models with Behavior

Water Quality

Thursday, October 30th

Acoustic Technology and Fish Behavior & Survival

Species and Communities I & II

Conundrums in the Delta

Food Webs III

Water Policy

Understanding the Effects of Climate Change

Gear Limitations in Fish Survey Data

The Contaminant Connection

Restoration Lessons Learned I & II

Exploring Emergent Tidal Marsh Restoration

Estuarine Geomorphology I & II

Flood Management

Assessing Non-Native Predators



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Poster Cluster

Yolo Bypass: Connecting Science, Policy and Management

General Sessions

Fish Biology, Ecology and Protection

Flood Management

Food Webs

Global Perspectives

Human Consequences

Integrative Applied Science


Physical Processes

Population Estimation and Viability

Sampling Methods and Design

Species and Communities

Sustainable Habitats and Ecosystems

Water and Sediment Quality

Water Supplies and Instream Flows